Your Conference Meeting Scheduling Specialists


We help associations and large distributors increase revenues and their relevancy to members

Essential Software Solutions® provide scheduling services that:

  • Connect trade show and event buyers and sellers to optimize the use of their meeting time
  • Facilitate effective pre- and post-conference planning and follow-up to optimize meeting results
  • Boost member retention rates and participation in revenue-generating trade shows and conferences

Our services conveniently and cost-effectively ensure the highest quality meetings for your conference and trade show attendees. We've found that productive meetings lead to extremely satisfied association members. And, as word gets out about the results-oriented conferences and trade shows you put on, more of your valuable association members will register for upcoming events.

We help you achieve your objectives using proven unique methodologies and techniques refined in our 10 plus years of doing business. You will not find a more comprehensive scheduling service available.


Focus on your core competencies by being able to outsource time-consuming and tedious administrative scheduling work
Instead of using Excel and MS Word spreadsheets and tables to create and update schedules which can consume huge chunks of your staff's valuable time, we employ our TEC (Timed Essential Conferencing) scheduling software that makes scheduling fast, flexible and customizable.

Increase revenues for your conference/trade show event
Trade associations can boost paid member attendance using Essential Software Solutions®' Meeting Request Summary Report. Given this tool, you can help your members cost-justify attendance to your revenue generating event because they can provide documented meeting requests with desirable parties.

Increase association membership retention rates
By scheduling convenient and timely meetings between high-ranking decision makers, your members get the absolute best result for their conference/trade show dollar. We know that by meeting with CXO level individuals, your members will accomplish their meeting goals and be motivated to renew their memberships and encourage potential members to join your association.

Increase sales for sellers and value for buyers
By matching sellers with CXO-level executive decision-makers, they will have a greater chance of closing sales and shortening the sales cycle. Conversely, buyers may target specific sellers to ensure the best use of their meeting minutes.

Deliver the most flexible scheduling service available
Meeting participants can choose specifically who they want to meet with and who they don't. By disallowing meetings that one party declines, attendees can focus their energy on what they feel are the most relevant, mutually-desired meetings. There is not a more flexible scheduling application available to meet your specific needs.

Members have more time available after the scheduled meetings are over
The time after the scheduled meetings are over is valuable to your members. This is when a lot of informal networking can occur. Our scheduling services efficiently make use of your members time spent in meetings. Conversely, because of the productivity, less time is needed to get more accomplished.