Your Conference Meeting Scheduling Specialists


Select from five scheduling services to customize your meeting options


Random Appointments Scheduling (RAS)
The RAS service is ideal for associations and distributors that value having buyers and sellers meet everyone from both groups. Attendee groups are categorized as host and visitor (typically business people traveling to a conference or trade show). Meetings are randomly generated between parties of both groups.

Categorized Appointments Scheduling (CAS)
The CAS service matches specific categories of buyers and sellers. Either buyer or seller may specify that they want to see someone representing a pre-determined category of goods. For example, a pharmaceutical drug representative who specializes in store-brand products can specify that they only meet with buyers in that category.

Targeted Appointments Scheduling (TAS)
The TAS service, the most popular of the choices, allows attendees to request meetings with specific people. Scheduling is highly flexible, allowing associations and distributors to customize finished schedules based on their meeting needs. Because events frequently have more people available for meetings than available time slots, scheduling meetings with specific people is the most cost-effective use of attendees' time.

Priority Appointments Scheduling (PAS)
The PAS service takes TAS to the next level, allowing attendees to rank the order of the people they want to meet with. Like TAS, the PAS service is highly customizable, allowing people to rank the order they prefer to meet people by time slot according to their availability. Moreover, for meetings of higher importance to participants, consecutive time slots may be scheduled. Many trade associations have "hosts" choose the length of the meeting time slot while "visitors" can accept or decline the meeting.

Combination of Services
You can choose any combination of the four types of scheduling services that will meet your association members' needs. For example, Retailers and Manufacturers may participate in Categorized Appointments while Manufacturers and Manufacturers Reps might want to have Targeted Appointments.


  • Highly customizable application allows easy scheduling adjustments right up to the event. Meeting Reports can be used to ensure a minimum number of meetings per attendee among other capabilities.
    • Time slots may be customized according to association and distributor preferences
    • Can e-mail, fax or print schedule deliverables
    • Information changes (like company name) may be dynamically changed in the application
    • And much more!
  • Attendees can block out absentee time in their schedules.
  • Appointments can be obtained for association members signing up after the initial schedule run.
  • VIP appointments may be manually scheduled.
  • Schedules may be custom formatted to best fit member needs.
  • Schedules include your name and logo to increase member awareness of the scheduling benefit you provide.
  • Member event sponsors may have their logo placed at the bottom of schedule pages, e.g. "These appointments sponsored by XYZ Company."