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We are Essential Software Solutions® (ESS), an unsurpassed one-on-one conference and trade show scheduling company serving businesses like yours since 1992. With over a decade's experience and the latest in productivity-enhancing application technology, you can count on us to help you meet your conference/trade show objectives.

How this works for your members

Time incremented meetings are set up from choices that are made by association members. Meeting length can be any amount of time desired. Each association member can pick who they want to see at the conference. When their "picks" are entered, meetings with their choices are scheduled provided they have time slots available. Members can also choose who they do not need to see and time can also be blocked out for no scheduled appointments.

Why this works for your members

These meetings are conducted between individuals who need to discuss priority issues. The one-on-one meetings are Focused, Effective and Results-Oriented. Consequently, these meetings empower executives to connect with more companies in an eight hour day as opposed to weeks of travel for meetings conducted away from the office. You will also have more time for casual social networking. This is a major advantage to the one-on-one meeting concept.


  • Concentrated, one-on-one meetings with primary decision makers
  • Minimum amount of time for maximum successful meeting results


  • Connect with key people in the industries that can influence your business directly
  • You can create a specific outline of topics and will be prepared to discuss them since you will know exactly who you will be meeting with
  • Formulate action plans and goals that both meeting participants agree on

Results Oriented

  • A clear mutual understanding can be expected after the meeting
  • Set up future target dates for implementation of what was discussed

Essential Software Solutions® has developed a proprietary client/server-based association management scheduling package that is customized to serve your members' conference/trade show requirements. By incorporating sophisticated optimization techniques into the application's scheduling algorithms, we help your members have the control they need at your conference/trade show events. This helps them to become more productive by more efficiently utilizing their time and maximizing the positive results of the conference/trade show.

Contact us today to start leveraging the power of ESS to increase member retention, entice new members to join and boost attendance to your associations' revenue generating conferences and trade shows. Get ready to take your future meetings to the next level!